Esquimalt Real Estate

Esquimalt is an historic community west of urban Victoria, and home to Canada’s world-renown naval base, the Department of National Defence CFB Esquimalt.  Esquimalt is a bright dichotomy, offering the elegance of heritage dwellings with the welcomed potential for development.  The Esquimalt Village Project addresses the goals and energy of the community by embracing growth while respecting the essential historic character of the town. 

Esquimalt is an ethnically and demographically diverse community, comprised of commercially sophisticated, established neighbourhoods, and dramatic vistas.  Esquimalt is linked to downtown Victoria by the iconic blue Johnson St. Lift-Bridge and the historic Point Ellice Bridge.  The bridge is currently undergoing seismic and accessibility upgrades, addressing the needs of the community and acknowledging the viability of pedestrian and bicycle commuting between Victoria and Esquimalt. 

Esquimalt is distinguished by numerous features.  The Esquimalt Municipal Archives provides an outstanding repository of local history, and organised walking tours inform and entertain both residents and visitors.  Esquimalt also participates in the “Challenge” learning initiative, which enables public school students to engage in an accelerated, university preparation programme.

Esquimalt’s old city demeanour contrasts with and complements the striking new condominium and commercial developments.  Residential homes and commercial buildings are eligible for tax considerations in cooperation with the preservation of heritage sites. As a representative of the modernising presence, the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort offers conference facilities, accommodations, and luxury spa services to visitors and residents.  The Resort has contributed to the annual Victoria “Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown” by issuing reduced rates for locals, allowing Victoria-area residents to experience the luxuries of waterfront real estate. 

Esquimalt hosts a variety of community and family events, including the popular Buccaneer Days, every June, the seasonal Community Market, and the Esquimalt Eight Kilometer Road Race.  Esquimalt’s architecture, from the bold and exciting sea-view condominiums to the graceful Victorian homes, indicates the vast realm of lifestyle possibilities and expressions.