Farms for Sale in BC

Scott Piercy and his team have been trusted names in the sale of luxury homes and prime real estate investment properties in and around Vancouver Island for more than thirty years. As respected business professionals, they have earned a reputation for honesty, integrity and a comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate market in British Columbia. A thriving sector of this market continues to be that of farms for sale in BC with Scott and James providing their learned expertise to this growing field in real estate.

British Columbia is recognized for its diversity in agriculture production which provides safe, high quality food to residents of BC and around the world. Purchasing or selling a farm, whether it is a hobby or full production farm, is an undertaking that requires the expertise of professionals who understand the complexities of negotiating the transactions of farms for sale in BC. The varied climate and geography of the province and specifically on Vancouver Island renders a wide range of agricultural production from cattle to crops, chicken and pork farms as well as vegetables, fruit trees, berries and milk and egg production possibilities. The popularity of sustainable and local foods has increased the demand for Vancouver Island farms for sale along with a need for local professionals who can ease buyers and sellers through the maze of such transactions.  Scott Piercy and his team understand the diversity of the Island and individuals who have an interest in and are in the market for a farm for sale on Vancouver Island know they can depend on this long trusted team.

The benefits of local farming within BC are far reaching and include the food service business  and food retail which employ close to 200,00 people each year and the agriculture industry is expected to grow faster than the rest of the economy in British Columbia. The popularity and health benefits of buying and consuming foods that have been grown and/or raised locally has increased the demand for the purchase of land that can be used for growing vegetables, fruits and a for raising a variety of farm animals. The more temperate climate of BC lends itself to more bountiful production yields as well as providing a unique lifestyle that is second to none.

Scott Piercy and his team are proud to call Vancouver Island their home. They look forward to sharing their extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and specifically their knowledge of what it takes to purchase or list Vancouver Island farms for sale.  They take the time to listen to the needs of each and every client and possess a talent for paying special attention to detail. Scott and James understand the importance of professionalism, 100% client satisfaction and have utmost respect for the confidentiality of their clients. Whether you are in the market for a private hobby farm or a more commercial production farm on Vancouver Island or one the many nearby Islands, Scott and James have come be recognized as the team that can make your farming dreams come true.

Agricultural real estate needs are a very specific niche in today’s vibrant real estate market and requires specialized knowledge regarding the geography and climate of a region. With more than thirty years of experience in real estate on Vancouver Island, Scott and James have the expertise to explain the current market trends in farming real estate. They have an amazing success rate in matching the specific needs of their clients to the perfect properties throughout BC. From 200+ acre ranches with successful alfalfa hay productions to private blueberry farms on 15 acres of beautifully landscaped acreage that are close to shopping, schools and recreational activities.

The purchase of any farm represents both a substantial personal and financial commitment and requires the guidance and expertise of professionals who understand the real estate market as well as the geography and climate of a region. Vancouver Island is fortunate to have some of the most unique land acreages on the Canadian West Coast. Scott Piercy and his team have devoted a great deal of time in acquiring the knowledge necessary in developing this unique expertise. They will take you through every step of the process and make certain that you fully understand all the details of such a transaction. Regardless of property size, conducting a search for “farm for sale on Vancouver Island” will lead you to the team of Scott and James who look forward to discussing your needs and are committed to fulfilling all your demands.

Not only do purchasers have very specific goals when it comes to owning and running a farm, the private home that sits on the land and nearby amenities is also of major importance. Most families who are in the market for Vancouver Island farms for sale are also raising families, making schools and recreational activities a significant part of their purchasing demands. Fortunately, Vancouver Island offers a unique lifestyle that combines the rugged beauty of nature, prime farmland and an abundance of educational, recreational and cultural activities. Due to a growing interest in organic as well as local food production, more families are looking to purchase smaller acreages that are ideal for the hobby farmer. Accordingly, these properties must be close to all the amenities that are necessary in raising a family.

Vancouver Island Farms for Sale

Scott Piercy and his team can help you maneuver through all the active, farms for sale in BC listings to make certain that you will only be viewing properties that fit within your specific needs. Whether you are new to BC and looking for an opportunity to living on and running your own family farm or have lived here all your life, Scott and James have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you close the deal. If you are in the market for a farm for sale, Vancouver Island offers a wide range of options with regards to acreage, location as well as the type of crop you are interested in growing.

The high-tech greenhouse vegetable and floriculture industry in British Columbia is set to receive more than 7 million dollars in provincial carbon tax relief to help local growers maintain their competitive edge in the market. Whether you are looking to expand your greenhouse farming production by investigating additional farms for sale in BC or are interested in raising sheep, chickens or other small farm animals, talk to Scott Piercy and his team and let them show you what is available and what you can do to make it all happen. The buying and selling of any type of real estate can be a complex endeavor but when   one is dealing with working properties that often cover hundreds of acres, multiple buildings, farm equipment and more you need to be sure that your real estate representative has the experience to close the deal while meeting all your requirements. If you are interested in exploring Vancouver Island farms for sale, make sure you speak with the Team of Scott and James first. They are dedicated professionals who will take the time to listen to your needs and to address any issues you may have regarding a technicality or other concern regarding a farm for sale on Vancouver Island in which you have expressed interest. Their track record for honesty, integrity and openness has earned them the number one spot when it comes to handling the sometimes complex issues surrounding farms for sale in BC.